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Divisions of the Trust

Citizens Energy Group (Citizens, the Company or the Trust) operates as a Public Charitable Trust engaged in a variety of businesses including:

Citizens Gas

Whether it’s heat for your home, hot water for that morning shower or fuel for your backyard grill, you can always count on the comfort and convenience of natural gas from Citizens Gas. Founded more than 100 years ago, Citizens Gas safely delivers natural gas to residential and commercial customers in the Indianapolis area. Citizens Gas also operates natural gas storage and pipeline facilities in Central Indiana that ensure you have natural gas whenever you need it.

Citizens Water

Citizens Water is an integrated water and wastewater utility established in 2011 through the acquisition of the systems from the City of Indianapolis. Citizens Water provides water service to customers in Marion County and the surrounding counties. Citizens Water also supplies water to area communities with their own water utilities including Speedway, Brownsburg, and Lawrence. Citizens Water provides wastewater services to customers in Marion County. It also has wastewater service agreements with Ben Davis Conservancy District, Boone County Utilities, City of Beach Grove, City of Lawrence, City of Greenwood, Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc., and Tri-County Conservancy District.

Citizens Thermal

When Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital needs hot water to sterilize its surgical equipment, or when Lucas Oil Stadium needs to keep 63,000 Colts fans comfortable, they depend on the versatile and cost-effective energy services of Citizens Thermal. Across the growing downtown Indianapolis area, more than 250 commercial buildings and industries depend on steam for heat and more than 60 utilize chilled water for cooling from Citizens Thermal. Citizens Thermal can also manage onsite energy facilities for commercial and industrial customers.

Since 1905, Citizens Thermal’s Perry K Steam Plant has provided steam for heat and hot water to large buildings and industries throughout Downtown Indianapolis. Today, Perry K is the primary engine that drives Citizens Thermal and supplies the second largest district steam system in the United States. Perry K's steam also helps power Thermal's chilled water facilities which cool large facilities in the downtown area.  As a whole, Citizens Thermal is still an engine for the ongoing growth and development of Downtown Indianapolis.

Citizens Oil

The Citizens Oil Division has produced more than 7 million barrels of oil since it began production in 1969 at Plummer Field in Greene County, Indiana located about 70 miles west of Indianapolis. Revenue from Citizens Oil is used to support financial assistance for Citizens customers, community investment and philanthropy, and customer communications.

Citizens Resources

Through Citizens Resources, we operate and invest in various regulated and unregulated utility-related businesses.

Kinetrex Energy

Remittance Processing Services

Heartland Gas Pipeline