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Billing Adjustments

In the event that your service is interrupted through no fault of your own, and remains interrupted for more than two days after being reported or found to be out of order, appropriate adjustments will be made. All other billing errors may be adjusted to the known date of error or for a period of one year, whichever period is shorter.


Citizens can adjust unusually high bills that are the result of underground service pipe leaks or leaks in crawl spaces or concrete floors. Citizens will adjust 75 percent of the estimated wasted water charges from the date the leak began to the date of repair. This adjustment period cannot exceed two regular meter reading periods unless extended by missed meter readings. The amount of wasted water, or excess consumption, will be estimated by reviewing your account history and determining your normal water usage.

In the event of a hidden leak on your property, Citizens can adjust your bill for 50 percent of the charge for wasted water. The adjustment period for hidden leaks cannot exceed one regular meter reading period unless extended by missed meter readings. The adjustment will be considered only one time per customer, per address. Also, the following conditions must be met in order to qualify for the adjustment:

  • Water consumption is at least double normal usage.
  • Consumption is at least 2,000 cubic feet more than normal usage.
  • Total consumption for the reading period exceeds 2,800 cubic feet.
  • Circumstances indicate that a leak exists or had existed.
  • The leak was hidden from open view, including toilet leaks and other concealed plumbing leaks.
  • Repairs have been made.

An adjustment will only be given after the leak has been repaired and it has been inspected by Citizens to determine that repairs have been made properly.